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About this class

Expand your coding toolkit with the No. 1 language in tech.

Step into the world of web development with General Assembly. During our JavaScript-focused workshop, see how it powers dynamic websites and applications through animations, drop-down effects, and more — and why it’s the No. 1 programming language in tech. Through a series of hands-on coding exercises, you’ll:

  • Learn how to think like a programmer.
  • Survey the JavaScript landscape and see how developers leverage this language to succeed in their careers.
  • Discover how JavaScript and jQuery update the appearance and content of a web page in real time.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to add animations and effects to a website.

Chart your own career path. Pick up where this workshop leaves off. Enhance your professional skill set online in our mentor-guided JavaScript Circuit, or on-campus with our part-time Front End Web Development course.


  • Gain an overview of the JavaScript landscape and its placement in the web development ecosystem.
  • Practice programmatic thinking by writing Javascript pseudo-code
  • Write expressions that assign and evaluate variables
  • Explain the difference between jQuery and vanilla JS
  • Register and trigger event handlers for jQuery events

Prereqs & Preparation

Basic HTML and CSS experience.

Complete DASH Project 1

Bring a laptop to class (Mac preferred but not required).

Install Sublime Text 3 on your computer

Have Google Chrome on your computer.

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