Introduction to UX Writing

Introduction to UX Writing | Perth

About this workshop

Often considered design’s unicorn skill, UX writing is the art of designing with words to engage users as they navigate apps and digital products. Good copy enables users to have optimal interactions with the products, thereby elevating the user experience.

With the growing popularity of chatbots and conversational AI, the need for UX writing has grown exponentially. Not only does UX writing act as a bridge between design and content, it also brings in a much-needed human component that personalizes the customer experience.

Whether you’re new to the world of UX or a seasoned designer, this workshop will help provide a good overview of this essential skill. Join our expert UX writer as we break down the foundations of good UX writing, learn how to leverage your current skill sets, and advocate for UX writing in your workplace.


  • Learn the basic principles of writing good copy and how to set yourself up for success as an effective UX writer
  • Learn how empathy applies to content design
  • Learn top tips on writing an inclusive and accessible product
  • Hands-on writing exercise for your first UX copy

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