Introduction to User Research

Introduction to User Research | Phoenix

About this workshop

Despite what many might think, getting to the heart of user experiences isn’t easy. It’s a cerebral adventure that requires preparation, innovative methods, artful interviewing skills, sharp analysis, and empathy. This workshop will teach you how create an effective research plan and craft research questions that unearth meaningful insights for your products and services. After this class, students will be able to immediately apply their skills on their next research project. We've heard it's also very helpful to evaluate whether to pursue a career in UX research.

This workshop uses a combination of engaging lecture and interactive in-class exercises that include:


  • Introduction to user research, what it is and what it isn't
  • How to prepare for user research, the players involved, key processes and tools
  • Minimum, and ideal, components of an effective research plan
  • The importance of understanding, and removing, bias
  • Overview of various user research methods in context with actual studies
  • How to craft, pose and sequence questions that unearth meaningful insights
  • How to engage your team and stakeholders throughout the process and why this is critical

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