Introduction to Responsive Web Design

Past Locations for this Workshop

Introduction to Responsive Web Design | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Responsive web design (RWD) — where web content adapts for an optimal experience between varying devices — is one of the largest movements affecting web development today. Its impact has affected many high profile site revisions, including the New York Times, Spotify, and countless startups. RWD isn’t solved from a few actions in isolation — it’s a new workflow that is altering the landscape for all members of a web team. In this class ideal for web developers, designers, and project managers with a basic HTML and CSS knowledge base, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the basics of responsive web design.


  • Gain an understanding of CSS3-based media queries —the backbone of RWD —along with how to write and organize them properly in a project.
  • Identify characteristics of responsive grids, their HTML/CSS structure, off the shelf frameworks vs. custom builds, and their importance.
  • Review and evaluate a responsive image solution and be able to recognize its functionality, advantages, and limitations.
  • Describe and define the principles that make RWD important to the web’s future.
  • Learn how to introduce a RWD flow into an existing web team and get fellow designers and project managers in sync.

Prereqs & Preparation

Prerequisites: Understanding and experience developing basic HTML and CSS. Direct development experience on an HTML/CSS project is a big plus.

Preparation: Please bring a laptop, as well as examples of websites that adapt well to various devices and screen sizes for class discussion. You should have a text editor you are familiar with installed on your laptop, or use Sublime Text (, as well as a browser with modern CSS3 support and a strong set of pre built developer tools: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Chrome will be used for class examples and demonstrations.

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