Introduction to R | Online

Introduction to R | Online | Manchester

About this workshop

Data collection by services and organisations is everywhere around us. And someone needs to organise or “wrangle” this data for businesses to make data-driven decisions to improve the customer experience. R, an open-source, dedicated statistical language will help you clean, analyse and graph data into meaningful formats for analysis and insight, irrespective of your industry and background. This workshop will demonstrate common data wrangling steps to transform data into cleansed formats for analysis, visualisation and business intelligence.

If you want to level-up your analytical skills and learn a new way to process, analyse and visualise data, join us in this introductory class and learn the fundamentals of wrangling data with R.

This workshop is designed for anyone who works with data or interprets data from reports and dashboards. It is ideal for those wishing to advance from using Excel to organise and present data. No programming experience is required.


  • A basic understanding of R syntax
  • Perform data manipulation and calculations with reproducible code.
  • Learn to visualise data
  • Use common SQL query frameworks to make light work of complex, real world problems

Prereqs & Preparation

Required: install the R programming language and RStudio (free version)

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

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