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About this workshop

Whether you have experience in programming or are looking to get started for the first time, getting involved in the Python community will put you on the fast track to honing your skills. In this class, you’ll learn all about Python - including how to get started, what advantages and disadvantages Python provides as a programming language, the essentials of programming in Python, and what tools are available to build applications in Python.


  • Learn how to get set up and install Python and libraries.
  • Find out how to write your first Python script.
  • Figure out what tools to use for your next Python projects.

Prereqs & Preparation

  1. Install Anaconda for Windows or OSX or Linux , depending on your OS. a. Accept all defaults for the installation (just click continue/next all the way) b. Windows users may need to temporarily disable antivirus while installing.

  2. After installation of Anaconda completes, restart your computer

  3. Install Windows and add a shortcut to your desktop or quick launch bar

  4. Follow the instructions here to get Terminal on OSX or PowerShell on Windows (the Do More section is optional)

  5. Open your Terminal or PowerShell and complete exercises: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to get yourself familiar with the command line, which we will use throughout the workshop!

  6. Confirm Anaconda Python installed correctly by opening a new Terminal or Powershell and typing “python” (without the quotes) after the prompt and pressing enter. If you see the words Python 2.7.x and Anaconda similar to above, you’re all set!

  7. If step 6 did not work, here are some common issues: a. Did you restart your computer on step 2? Try restarting and do step 6 again. b. Make sure you typed only python into the prompt in Terminal or Powershell for step 6 (no quotes, no spaces, no punctuation, nothing else.) c. Try steps 1­6 again with antivirus temporarily disabled. d. Are you using a work machine? You may need to contact your IT team

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