Introduction to Product Management Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

Introduction to Product Management Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

The first step in turning an idea into reality is to understand product management. Saying, "All I need is a tech team" is a bit like saying, "I want to construct a building from the ground up and all I need is a construction crew." There is a huge amount of work between the idea stage and the coding stage, and this workshop will help you understand what needs to be accomplished.

Schedule: - Is Your Idea Worth Working On? - What Features Should Your Product Have? - How Will Your Product Be Built?


  • Learn to break a idea into its primary parts to assess a product’s feasibility
  • Find tools to evaluate the viability of early ideas
  • Study a step-by-step description of the product development process
  • Learn to test a product’s early market potential
  • High level overview of software building process and the people involved
  • Learn to create a spec

Prereqs & Preparation

This class is geared toward students managing product at a startup, or for students at larger companies interested in adapting their process to be more startup-like.

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