Introduction to Node.js Weekend Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

Introduction to Node.js Weekend Workshop | Austin

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

About this workshop series

Node is one of the fastest growing platforms for building scalable web applications. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get started using Node, its background and history, and the problems it seeks to address. You’ll also find out how asynchronous event-based development works with Node and write code together with your fellow students and teacher.


  • Demystifying Node: Find out the real pros and cons of using Node, why Node was created, and what problems it was designed to solve.
  • The basics of building web applications using Node: Students will build their own real time web app using key Node modules and features.
  • Setting up a MongoDB database: Students will learn the basics of working with document-based databases in Node.
  • The Node ecosystem: How to connect with other Node programmers and utilize open-source modules.

Prereqs & Preparation

Basic experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (or jQuery at a minimum) is recommended. We will not be spending any time discussing these topics in detail, rather all of our time will be dedicated to cracking our computers and digging into Node and how these technologies directly integrate with the Node platform.

  • Download and Install Node.js and NPM(comes bundled with Node installation) prior to the first day of the workshop. If students are having issues installing these packages, instructors will be available for assistance by email and at GA one hour prior to the first day of class. Minimal time will be spent helping students install these packages once the workshop begins.
    href=">text editor of their choice installed on their machines prior to class. A guide for installing Node, NPM, and a text editor will be sent to all students in advance of the first day.
  • Finally, students will need to have an Instagram account prior to class in order to build the sample application we will create together during the workshop. Details of the sample app will be explained during the first portion of the workshop.

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