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Introduction to Mobile Marketing | Online | Online

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About this class

Web advertising has been around for over a decade, but mobile and tablet advertising is a new and quickly growing segment of online ads that promises to be the future of digital advertising.

Between mobile and tablet web ads, in-app ads, and content-based advertising, there is a lot to learn about this emerging market.

This 90 minute class will give you actionable insights into the various types of mobile and tablet advertising solutions you can use for your business. You will walk away with the ability to plan, implement and manage a simple mobile advertising campaign into your marketing mix.


  • How to target the new mobile consumer and how this differs from desktop strategy
  • What the key mobile marketing platforms and technology are and how to implement them
  • Practical steps to building a strategic mobile marketing solution
  • Key considerations in your go-to-market strategy
  • Tips for maximising your exposure
  • What you need to know for the future as mobile usage continues to grow

Prereqs & Preparation

A working understanding of basic marketing/advertising is a plus.

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