Introduction to Content Strategy in Product Design

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Introduction to Content Strategy in Product Design | Online

Online Campus


Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Shopify and many others see the immense value content strategists bring to the product design process. These companies have built entire teams around the partnership of content strategists and designers. But in spite of this, there is broadly still a lack of clarity about the role it plays in design at tech companies and agencies.

In this class, we will explore what content strategists do, how content strategy enriches UI and product design, and how to structure teams to include content strategists. We’ll examine the tools, processes and practices needed to be an impactful content strategist. A key focus will be how it’s applied differently at technology companies and at agencies, with a special look at Facebook and R/GA.

This class is ideal for anyone who works on product design, especially writers, design managers and experience designers. Students will leave with a deep understanding of how to apply content strategy and build better, more well-rounded products.


Students will learn:

  • What content strategy is and what content strategists do
  • How it’s a core part of product design
  • Case study: Content strategy at Facebook vs R/GA
  • How to collaborate with content strategists
  • How to be an effective content strategist

This class is perfect for:

  • People new to the design or technology industry
  • Writers or UX designers looking to transition into focused content strategy roles
  • Designers, copywriters and engineers looking to better understand large-scale product development
  • Managers who are interested in better utilising content strategists or refining their product design process

Prereqs & Preparation

An understanding of the design process, but this workshop will assume limited specific knowledge of content strategy and Facebook’s design model.

Students should bring an example of what they think is good content strategy. They should also bring a notepad and a red pen.

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