Intro to Tableau: Data Driven Insights Bootcamp Remote (Online) | Online

Attend the next event on Monday, 23 September.

About this workshop

We will be going over how to:

  • Connect to and bring real-world data into Tableau;
  • Easily clean and prepare data for exploration and interactive visual analysis;
  • Explore different data types and methods to drill up and down into data detail;
  • Build a variety of analysis chart types, including maps, time-series, and forecasts;
  • Create calculated fields from provided data extract;
  • Work with dates, including discrete and continuous time aggregations;
  • Apply one-click advanced analytics to extend the power of data visualizations;
  • Create parameters to enable end-user what-if analysis scenarios;
  • Combine visualizations into dashboards, along with data filters and interactivity;
  • Explore visual finishing and formatting techniques;
  • Present insights from vizzes and dashboard using Tableau StoryPoints;
  • See how to create free portfolios of dashboards and StoryPoints with Tableau Public;
  • Present opportunities for intermediate Tableau training and industry certification.


This online Bootcamp will teach you how to load multiple data sources to create and combine visual analyses into interactive dashboards. Present compelling data-driven insights using built-in storypoints.

Prereqs & Preparation

No required specific participant background. Minimum system requirements, as published by Tableau, will include a minimum of 4 GB system memory with a recommendation of 4 GB for optimal performance. Class pre-work will be distributed upon registration which will include detailed instructions for downloading application software.

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