Intro to IP Law: Protecting Your Brand

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Intro to IP Law: Protecting Your Brand | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

“Intellectual property rights” is a term thrown around in the online world, but what do these rights really encompass? How important is it for you to protect your work and your brand, and what do you when others threaten that you’re infringing their rights? You will leave this class with a basic understanding of intellectual property: what rights they give you, how you get them, how you protect them and why they are important (or not so important) to your business.


  • Ability to distinguish between an idea, copyright material, trade marks, patents and designs
  • Understand why IP is important at every stage of business and why it’s important to have a long term IP strategy
  • Knows how to protect your intellectual property rights
  • Knows how best to avoid infringing the rights of others
  • Knows how to react to a threat of infringement

Prereqs & Preparation


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