Intro to Data Wrangling Workshop

Intro to Data Wrangling Workshop | Melbourne

About this workshop

There is an increasing need to derive insights from raw datasets across industries and for a range of volumes. Despite the hype of ‘data science’, the need to manipulate data will always be required prior to any analysis. This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in deriving meaning from data, including the steps required to structure data by following key steps which will be covered.

Students will understand what is required to organise data into a format that can be used for analysis. Contents include the basic concepts of programming, reading data into R/Python, changing data types, checking for duplicates, creating new fields, joining datasets, aggregating and summarising data, creating plots and using dashboard tools. This workshop will not teach students how to code in real time – code will be presented, however the general concept of what the code achieves will be the focus.


  • Why learning an open-source programming language is required for data analysis (more job opportunities and flexibility beyond licensed software)
  • The key steps required to organise data (concepts rather than the actual programming required)
  • How to get started in a career in data analysis (being honest with what action will produce the ideal outcome and prioritising).

Prereqs & Preparation

For this workshop, students are required to have their camera's turned on for the duration of the session.

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

This session will not be recorded, however slides will be shared following the class.

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