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Intermediate Python Workshop | Online

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Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Python is the language of choice for data scientists. This is in large part because of the data analysis libraries available in Python, including Pandas, Scipy, and Numpy. In this workshop, you’ll build upon your foundational knowledge of Python through data analysis problems. For students who have achieved a basic proficiency in Python, this workshop will be especially useful, as it prepares the Python beginner for serious data science.

Students who take this workshop and then subsequently enroll in GA's Data Science (DAT) course will receive a tuition credit towards DAT equal to what they paid for this workshop.

By the end of the workshop, students will be able to explain and use:

  • Range/xrange
  • List comprehensions
  • Lambda functions
  • Slicing
  • Classes
  • Exception handling

The workshop will also apply the above concepts by analyzing a real data set using the csv module.


  • Delve deeper into Python and learn intermediate concepts and techniques
  • Use the csv module to read in large data sets such as excel files
  • Learn basic data science techniques for cleaning and extracting insights from a dataset

Prereqs & Preparation

Students should have completed the Intro to Python workshop, or have some basic background/experience in using Python. Completion of Learn Python the Hard Way before the workshop is recommended.

Preparation: Please bring a laptop and install pip and Pandas.

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