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About this class

So you’ve mastered the basics of Excel and you’re ready to learn more … then this is the course for you. You’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty learning some of the more advanced functions and how to present your information in easy-to-see formats and charts that will help translate data into actionable information.

This course forms part of our broader Excel/Data Analytics framework if you’re looking for more on data analytics to sink your teeth into.

This class is part of a 2-part Excel series, so check out Excel at Excel: A Practical Introduction to see if this suits your needs or where you’re at.

We’ll be building on our first class, and use a dataset to take you through some further tools and functions to use with your data, and then a process of turning raw data into useful information, and introducing you to some tools and functions along the way. Specifically, we’ll walk you through: - Adding value to your data: LOOKUP, Goal Seek, Linking Spreadsheets - Insights from your data: Conditional Formatting - Charting your data


  • Using some more advanced functions with your datasets
  • How to use / combine multiple spreadsheets
  • How to build charts to effectively visually present information
  • Hands on time to work through

Prereqs & Preparation

Students should have a broad familiarity with Excel, including some of the functions covered in Part 1 of our Excel series. This is NOT an introductory course.

Please bring a laptop with Microsoft Office installed either on PC or Mac. Note that while there may be differences in how Microsoft show certain functions in their menus across the different versions, all functions referred to in the course should be available no matter which version you are using. The instructor will be using a Mac, running Office for Mac 2011.

Students will be emailed case study files prior to class that they should download to their laptop. This is an interactive class, and your participation and questions are encouraged.

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