Interaction Design With Sketch

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Interaction Design With Sketch

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

There appears to be a trend by UX and Visual Designers to move away from industry standard products like Photoshop and Illustrator as their tool for designing and are moving towards Sketch to create visually rich interaction design artefacts. Sketch came up top in a recent designer survey as designers’ primary tool for interface design and “achieved nearly 30% of the market for most companies”.

Students will learn the basics and some intermediary level understanding of Sketch and will learn how to create interactive designs for web and mobile applications via walkthroughs of the software’s GUI and by following and completing simple exercises. The workshop will cover such items as: - getting started - creating art boards (aka mobile screens) - learning to use the inspector and layer windows to assist in pixel perfection - using UI kits to create realistic iOS and Android screens; using plugins and other tools and features to help save time and effort - exporting to create design artefacts and deliverables

This class is great for UX Designers; Graphic Designers; Web Designers; and any other disciplines that need to produce design artefacts.


Students will learn: - How to navigate around the Sketch GUI to create professional looking mobile interface designs - Why Sketch is now the tool of choice among visual and UX designers - The basics as well as best practices and tips and resources for next steps

Prereqs & Preparation

Required: Participants should have downloaded a free 14-day trial of Sketch to be able to follow the exercises in class. (Please note that Sketch is a Mac only product) Recommended: Basic understanding of interaction design or UX.

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