Interaction Design for Car touchscreens and Apps

Interaction Design for Car touchscreens and Apps | Dallas

About this workshop series

Learn about Interaction Design Principles, including system behaviors and feedback, goal-driven design, usability, the five dimensions, cognitive psychology, and human interface guidelines.


  • Tutorials will utilize Photoshop for creating graphics for user interfaces
  • Tutorials in Principle, an advanced prototyping and interaction design tool for designing and animating behaviors and interactions
  • Students will learn how to animate graphics, create scrolling windows, tabs and component libraries, and how to build advanced interactions using physics
  • Students will develop a project over 2-days.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Must have a Mac laptop (software below is Mac-only)
  • Must have Photoshop CC (Trial version is okay)
  • Must have basic familiarity with Photoshop CC or complete the following tutorial before the workshop begins: here.
  • Must download trial version of Principle software: (students will receive a 50% discount if they wish to purchase Principle)

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