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Instagram is one of the hottest apps out there and just waiting for your business to take advantage — its user base is massive and highly motivated to buy. But how do you acquire followers? And how do you convert those followers into buyers?

This class is ideal for people who are ready to take their basic Instagram strategy to the next level. It's perfect for professionals who are already well-versed on Instagram including: community managers, social media managers and consultants, and PR managers who want to take it to the next level and leave with a firm grasp and understanding of how to integrate Instagram into your marketing plan.

We'll discuss how to create an engaging strategy, leverage Instagram across your marketing channels, and find your biggest fans on the channel. You'll come away better understanding how to integrate Instagram into your marketing plan.


  • How to use Instagram to activate influencers and brand advocates
  • Learn how to create content without over-saturating your audience
  • Tips to create better photos
  • Tricks to drive more conversions
  • Learn how to #hashtag, growth hack, and build a mobile brand presence
  • How to gain key insights for your brand messaging
  • How to successfully engage your followers to build a loyal, passionate community

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