Influence and Negotiations in Business

Past Locations for this Class

Influence and Negotiations in Business | Dallas

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Have you ever wondered why some people are such great influencers and negotiators? Would being a great influencer help you in business, career and/or your life?

This class will redefine the way you think about negotiation and influence. It will provide you with greater awareness of the invisible things that go on behind the scenes while we interact with others.

This class will be useful for anyone who interacts with other people and would value greater influence and control over the outcomes they achieve. It will be particularly useful for people that often deal with others who are difficult, unpredictable and (sometimes) irrational.


By attending this class, you’ll learn: • How great influencers and negotiators think and prepare; • The right questions to ask at the right time; and • The 7 step negotiation framework.

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