Improve Your Level of Production with Kanban

Past Locations for this Workshop

Improve Your Level of Production with Kanban

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

In the 1940s, Toyota developed a scheduling system to improve their manufacturing production. Aligning the supply of materials with the demand of the production line reduced the amount of inventory in the system, and enabled a flexibility never before seen in the automobile industry.

Over the years, teams dealing with knowledge work (e.g. software development) adapted many of these ‘lean’ ideas, such as limiting the amount of work in progress, to improve the flow of work through their system.

Ideal for product owners, business analysts, developers, testers, and any users of Agile/Scrum, this presentation explains the basics of this system, called Kanban, and how it can be used to improve workflow and delivery rate.


  • Understand the concept of visualising work to improve communication and why you should identify different types of work items
  • Know what WIP limits are and why we should limit work-in-progress.
  • Learn ways of measuring flow in an attempt to improve productivity.
  • Find out what the explicit policies are and why we should use them.

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