Human Centred Design in the Wild

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

Human Centred Design in the Wild | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

About this workshop series

Confused about UX, CX & Service design jargon flying around the industry? It's an ever changing landscape with many

This two-part workshop series covers UX, CX & Service Design methods, explained through solving ‘real world’ business and customer problems. Learn when these methods are appropriate and how designers shouldn’t be limited to a single methodology.

In this course you will obtain knowledge of design research, ideation and testing theory by putting them to practice in the field and working collaboratively to deliver user-centric solutions. 

Learn how to assess business problems and be creative within those parameters.

Get an insight into real practice by taking a brief, drafting research plans, defining problems and applying design thinking techniques to come up with your own unique outcomes.


Students will learn:

  • Client engagement techniques
  • Problem definition
  • Research techniques
  • Practical design methods

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