HUBweek: Talk Shop with General Assembly @ Workbeat's Creative Courtyard

Past Locations for this Event

HUBweek: Talk Shop with General Assembly @ Workbeat's Creative Courtyard | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

General Assembly is teaming up with CBT to bring HUBweek free education workshops in WorkBeat's Creative Courtyard. Drop by to check out Workbeat - a pop-up community that blurs the lines between work and life by offering one-of-a-kind spaces to not only meet, work, and brainstorm but also relax, play, learn, create and dance to your own beat. Stick around for quick classes focused on technology, design, and business.

We'll help you find your rhythm with these classes!

10:15 - Marketing Made Personal, Sarah Goliger, Marketing Consultant

The most successful marketing strategies are the ones that allow you to create a meaningful connection with your audience. But in an age of overflowing inboxes and overcrowded news feeds, how do you make your brand stand out and actually capture people's attention? In this session, we'll cover the 4 critical steps to building valuable relationships with your audience, so you can grow awareness of your brand, establish trust, win more loyal customers, and make your marketing efforts drastically more effective.

11:15 - Why UX Matters, Mike Scopino, UX Designer & Owner, Non-Fiction

Why UX Matters takes a dive into the importance of user experience. We will explore how a brand comes into reality as the experience design evolves, especially focusing on how all decisions in the product development timeline are tied to the original product strategy. We will look at real-world examples that showcase successes and failures of digital product branding and share insights on his own experiences and where mistakes are generally made.

2:15 - Personal Branding in a Digital Age, Ben Spear, Branding Consultant

Branding is ubiquitous. Companies like Apple win because they know who they are and what they mean to their customers. What about your brand? As employment becomes more challenging, we must understand our values and what we mean to an employer, our coworkers, and ourselves. Ben Spear, a branding consultant, will translate corporate practices for personal use to help you find the perfect job, improve your current position, or become a leader at work.

3:15 - Future-Proof Social Media, Steph Parker, Digital Strategist, Arnold

For years, marketing initiatives have felt like branded monologues, talking at people instead of with them. The advent of social media turned advertising into a conversation, where thoughts, feelings, and ideas could be communicated in real-time. In this session, we’ll explore the fundamentals of how social media has changed our behaviors and communication styles. We’ll also talk about how these things factor into a successful social strategy so that your business can build something future-proof.

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