How to Run a Damn Good Website Project.

Melbourne Campus

GA Melbourne
12A, 45 William Street
Melbourne Australia 3000

Past Locations for this Workshop

How to Run a Damn Good Website Project. | Melbourne

Melbourne Campus

GA Melbourne
12A, 45 William Street
Melbourne Australia 3000

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Creating a good website is hard, there so much to get right and so much that could go wrong! However, as a designer, marketer, project manager or business owner, knowing how to do it well can be an absolute game changer. Whether you’re making one for yourself, for your company or for a client, planning, designing and launching a new website can be a thoroughly interesting and highly rewarding experience. There is nothing more satisfying than having a website you made ‘go live’ and watching people from all over the world visit a tiny part of the internet that you created. What’s even better is seeing the incredible impact a new website can have. From increasing sales or sign-ups to boosting performance or shifting perception - a damn good website can do it all and more. But the key to creating a damn good website, is running a damn good website project!

In this workshop, you’ll be taken through an incredibly thorough and detailed run through covering all the essential ingredients of a successful website project - from the first step to the last drop.

This workshop is great for:

*Designers/developers *Marketers *Brand Managers *Comms Staff *Content Writers *Website Project Managers *Account Managers *Producers *Business Owners/Operators

Here’s what they said...

“The course was exactly what I was hoping for. Loved all the info on the strategy briefing session. Thanks!’ ‘Before the class began, I wasn’t sure if two hours was too long. But after Richie started the first slide, I didn’t want the class to stop! I love that he was so open about his work experience and I learnt a lot from his class, a lot of practical guides that I can follow.” “Super engaging, lots of insights, great examples, great presenter” “Brilliant workshop, highly informative. The information about what to cover off in a website strategy/discovery was gold.”


The first part of this workshop focuses on strategy, planning and preparation. Here, we will tackle the following:

  • Project stages and workflow
  • Website discovery/strategy workshop
  • Audience groups and online business objectives
  • Content hierarchy, site structure and wireframes
  • Scoping and costing
  • Supplier engagement
  • Project planning and resourcing
  • Project kick off
  • Q and A Session

The second part of this workshop is all about executing on your strategy to create and launch your website. In this session we will cover the following:

  • Project management and production
  • Timelines, milestones and presentations
  • Useful 3rd party tools and services
  • Content development and copywriting
  • UX/UI design practices and process
  • Digital development
  • CMS and content population
  • Testing and launching your site
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and digital marketing
  • Q and A session

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