How To (Legally) Cut Your Tax Bill and Invest Tax-Smart

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How To (Legally) Cut Your Tax Bill and Invest Tax-Smart | Online

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Australia has one of the highest personal tax rates in the world, and it’s increasing every year. And you don’t want to pay more tax than you have to. The more tax savings you can find, the more money you have for investing, growing wealth and investments, or for your next holiday.

With the new financial year comes new possibilities. But there’s so many different opinions out there when it comes to the things you can do to reduce your tax (legally), it’s hard to know who to listen to or who to trust…

Your personal tax planning and deductions are super important, and can create some easy money. But the biggest area that drives your tax outcomes over time is what you invest your money into and how you go about investing. So in this session, we’re going to cover tax and investing and two parts of the same pie, breaking down how tax works, and then how tax works with different types of investments. Ultimately helping you build the knowledge so you can be smart with your personal tax, and get the best after tax returns when you invest.

Please note: this session is centred around individual tax planning and will not get into tax planning for business owners.


  • General tax overview and how the marginal tax rate system works in Australia
  • The most effective tax saving strategies and how to implement them
  • Some of the lesser known tax planning tools and how to use them to hold onto more of your income
  • How tax works with different types of investments, and how to invest in a tax smart way

Prereqs & Preparation


This is a session for beginners; no prior knowledge is required.


We know that there is a lot of concern about the Coronavirus. The wellbeing of our students, clients, instructors, employees, and guests is our number one priority here at General Assembly. We have therefore moved our programming to a live online learning environment.

Please Note

  • This session is taken completely online.
  • You will need a computer and a strong internet connection.
  • Download Zoom. Zoom is the video conferencing tool we will use. It works a lot like Google Hangouts or Skype. You will need to create an account in order to join the call.
  • We will provide a link to the session via email 24 hours in advance - keep an eye on your inbox

Please contact or phone GA Sydney on (02) 8318 2912 if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance.

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