How to Drive Better Business Decisions with Data | Online

How to Drive Better Business Decisions with Data | Online | Edinburgh

About this workshop

Data is increasingly at the core of product management and business.

Not only in the post-hoc analysis of usage metrics and A/B tests. The continual intake and exhaust of data are determining how products behave and what new classes of products are possible. Every business in the future will be a data business, whether it's using machine learning to personalise the experience or optimising existing functions to predict the next big opportunity. Product managers and business leaders need to understand data and incorporate it into their processes.

Whether you work in product management, business management or data analytics, or are looking to break into product management, this class will give you an insight into the future of products, inform you of the latest trends and guide you on how to start incorporating data into products.


  • How to integrate a data strategy in your product development process.
  • What data is currently available and what will be soon in the digital and physical world
  • Privacy & security measures when working with data
  • When to use Machine Learning, and AI for your product.
  • Tools and platforms to start capturing, analysing and utilising data you've collected.
  • A showcase of products that have embraced data at their core.

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

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