How to Design and Facilitate a Killer Workshop

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How to Design and Facilitate a Killer Workshop | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

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Looking to run workshops for your team? Learn what differentiates the good, the bad and the ugly of workshop facilitation in this practical workshop.

Are you a functional expert - in a domain such as design, marketing, HR or technology - and find that you need to facilitate workshops as part of your role so that your stakeholders or clients can collaborate or provide input? And if so, how confident do you feel about your ability to amplify your functional skills and knowledge with high impact facilitation?

Great collaboration doesn’t just happen by ‘emergence’, by the last minute ‘can you just run a workshop to…’, or by assembling your favourite workshop activities into a run-sheet and then pushing people through your agenda. Just as you would design a new product, service or campaign, great collaboration and outcomes happen through deliberate design and facilitation in order to realise potential.

The good news is, that the fundamental mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets needed to design and facilitate collaborative workshops can be learned by anyone. In this session, we will explore the fundamental jobs of the facilitator and the elements that need to be designed for any collaborative workshop or meeting.


  • The 5 key design elements for designing or evaluating any meeting or workshop
  • How to use improvisation to prime you and your participants for the uncertainty of collaboration
  • Handy energisers to begin your session or to lift energy levels during your session
  • How to help a group make any decision quickly, while avoiding unnecessary discussion

Prereqs & Preparation

Bring note-taking materials.

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