Holiday Series: Google Analytics Bootcamp

Past Locations for this Workshop

Holiday Series: Google Analytics Bootcamp | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

When it comes to understanding how well your website is performing, Google Analytics provides in-depth information about customers, their behaviours and achievement of business goals. However, most agencies, brands and businesses are not using the data available to its full potential because of a lack of understanding, knowledge and the skills needed to analyse the reports to generate actionable insights from the available metrics.

This class will take students through several real world practical examples and some processes to learn how to generate actionable insights from your reports to improve key pages, focus on sources that send you visitors and ultimately increase the conversion of visitors into customers. At the end of this program students will start looking at their analytics data with a completely new approach which is more aligned with business decision making.


  • Learn best practices to setup a Google Analytics account
  • Find your way around your Google Analytics account and learn basic terminology
  • Identify the metrics that matter to your business and how to measure these in Google Analytics
  • Learn how to export and share reports and export data
  • Find out which marketing campaigns and pages on your website create the most business value
  • Create custom segments, reports and dashboards
  • Learn the basics of tracking goals, campaigns, conversions and events

Prereqs & Preparation

This class is for beginner to intermediate users of Google Analytics.

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