Have What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur?

Past Locations for this Class

Have What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur?

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Class

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Entrepreneurship advice tends to come in two flavors: "Just do it" (to borrow from Nike) or write an extremely detailed business plan and execute against it. Unfortunately both of these schools of thought are seriously flawed. Thankfully, new research suggests a different path that is leading to substantial changes in the field. This class will cover the five essential skills of an entrepreneur: (1) Observing what others don't see, (2) Making calculated bets to prove your instincts, (3) Seeking the truth and changing direction accordingly, (4) Understanding where growth comes from and (5) Inspiring others to follow your lead. The format of this class will include many examples based on the speaker's experience in the venture capital industry as well as the latest research and thinking from the study of entrepreneurship. You should walk away from this class feeling inspired to start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot!


  1. Learn why traditional thinking into entrepreneurship results in substantial waste
  2. Know how to answer the question: "Who, if anyone, will buy this product that I'm making and selling?"
  3. Understand what first steps to take to turn your idea into a real business

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