Happiness: A Day for Exploration and Transformation

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Happiness: A Day for Exploration and Transformation | Online

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Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Are you happy yet? What does “happy” even mean to you? In this 6-hour workshop, you will reflect on your mortality, your work, and your relationships. You will interact closely with your fellow participants. And you will walk out with strategies and tactics to bring more fun and fulfillment into your life.

This class includes all of the exercises and practices from Jim McCarthy’s internationally acclaimed, 3-hour “Happiness Workshop: Find Your Pleasure, Purpose and Peace”. But Happiness: A Day for Exploration and Transformation has more time to go deeper. Deeper into timeless wisdom on meaning. Deeper into the latest scientific research on happiness. And deeper into defining how you can more fully enjoy your life, starting today.

Whether you're depressed, delighted, or simply going through a life transition, this workshop will help you rethink, refocus, and reenergize. Jim brings his unique perspective — as a Stanford MBA, Internet pioneer, world traveler, Buddhist, father, and person living with a cancer diagnosis.

Some Praise:

Miriam Rivera — Former Trustee – Stanford University; Co-Founder Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs

“The work we did in Jim’s workshop was an unexpected joy. It helped me to feel renewed gratitude for the life I’ve been able to live and that I’m living now.”

From Zane Robertson — President of Active Minds:

“Jim’s Happiness talk is about more than just happiness. It’s about what really matters in life. It’s about shifting the lens from a focus on doing and accomplishing to meaning and fulfillment. His approach weaves together powerful insights with tactical strategies to help people identify and achieve the life they were meant to live.”

Breanne Cooley – SEO and Content Strategist, Oracle

"Jim McCarthy is a wonderful speaker with an inspirational story. He really helps you think about what’s important amidst the daily chaos of work. I absolutely loved it :-)”


  • Understand what makes people happy, and apply it to your life.

  • Interact closely with the Instructor and your classmates, and learn best practices from people just like you.

  • Create Action Plans specific to both your career and relationships.

  • Define what sort of legacy you want to have.

  • Develop daily Practices which will help you calm your mind, achieve your goals, and appreciate your life.

Prereqs & Preparation

The topics are serious, and your active participation is expected. This event addresses work / life balance, and participants are welcomed to bring partners or significant others.

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