Hack // Dining NYC

Past Locations for this Event Series

Hack // Dining NYC | Detroit

Past Locations for this Event Series

About this event series

Join us on June 27-29 for Hack//Dining NYC, a hackathon presented by Food+Tech Connect in partnership with Applegate, Google, Chipotle and Studio Industries, to hack a better future for dining. Hack//Dining will bring restaurant and foodservice rabble-rousers together with tech and design nerds to prototype open source software and hardware solutions to industry-wide challenges. Judges and prizes coming soon.

Early Bird pre-registration is now open! Click here to pre-register . Hackers who have pre-registered before May 16 can purchase a $35 ticket when tickets open on May 17. Hackers who have not pre-registered can purchase individual tickets for $50 or corporate tickets for $100.

Why we’re excited:

This isn't your typical hackathon. Food presents some of the most dauntingly complex problems around, and no good solution can be designed without a careful understanding of the users and interconnected systems. Hack//Dining is about creating real solutions, not just nifty apps. So we're collaborating with our partners to identify some industry-wide challenges. And to help participants attack problems smarter and faster, we're working with Studio Industries to create a new hackathon model called Design Hacking. Design Hacking blends the best of Design Thinking process and hackathon culture.

About Food+Tech Connect:

Food+Tech Connect is the site of record and connector for the food tech sector. Through our daily news and analysis, events and online courses, we help innovators transform the food industry, from farm to fork. Blending the best of design thinking and hacking, Food+Tech Connect's annual hackathons bring food, health, technology and design innovators together to tackle some of the food industry's greatest challenges. Our mission is to ignite a revolution in the way we solve food problems, because we know that together we can create a more sustainable, profitable and healthy future for food.

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