Grow Your Confidence & Executive Presence

Past Locations for this Workshop

Grow Your Confidence & Executive Presence | Edinburgh

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

How did Melissa Andrada go from being a shy intern who never said a word during meetings to a Chief Operations Officer winning over the hearts of VCs and helping raise $1.6 million to a CEO nurturing a multi-continent business that embodies her purpose and values?

Melissa will share her own personal practice of transformation and liberation as a queer immigrant woman of color, alongside her learnings from executive leaders at Google, Unilever, Skype, KPMG and Discovery.

Melissa would love to empower you on your journey — to bring out the most powerful essence of self to be taken seriously in the boardroom, get the job, promotion or funding you need, speak your truth on a public stage or even simply talk to the guy or girl you’ve been crushing on at the coffee shop.

What you’ll take away

She’ll share memorable soulful stories, practical tips, and tools to uncover confidence in yourself, your team and your community with a focus on:

  • Developing your inner mentor/leader -- the most powerful essence of self, one of the most powerful antidotes to the inner critic
  • Developing a sense of purpose, a north star to stay grounded in the face of adversity and tough stakeholders

Who this is for

  • People who have gotten feedback that they don’t come off as confident
  • People who feel nervous interviewing, pitching, asking for what they want
  • People who want to have more influence in their organization & be taken seriously by executives

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