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Go Against the Flow | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Go Against the Flow is more than a documentary film, says Charu Sharma. “It’s a movement that aims to inspire women to take intelligent risks, trust their vision, and develop leadership skills.” As part of the movement, Charu has brought together the wisdom of top women entrepreneurs who are making their mark in fields ranging from medical technology to video games. They include the female cofounders of Cloudflare, Getaround, Mightybell, Kabam, Zady, ZInepak, Women Who Code, Remedy, and Rockhealth. These women range from college dropouts to Harvard MBAs to Shark Tank winners.

The women ofGo Against the Flow share their personal experiences with:

• Walking away from the well-trod path, even when it means forfeiting scholarships, tempting job offers, and the approval of friends • Following their passions in male-dominated fields • Knowing when the moment is right to make the plunge • Failing and using failure as a roadway, not roadblock, to success

Importantly, Go Against the Flow is a “handbook for the next generation of entrepreneurs,” according to Sarah F. Wood, co-founder and co-CEO of Unruly. In a country where women still only earn 77% of the wages of men in identical roles and are continually underrepresented in fields such as STEM, politics, and medicine, Go Against the Flow aims to empower young women with the support of those that came before them to swim upstream and create their dream jobs. There is no better time than now for women to pave their own paths to success.

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