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Wednesday, 15 May, 2024
1 2 pm EDT

About This Class

There’s no time to wAIt. Whether you’re brand new to generative AI, or you’ve already been doing some research, this free, one-hour session is the perfect place to get a glimpse into the true potential of this powerful technology — live from an industry expert.

Join us for an action-packed hour of generative AI basics like best practices for writing effective prompts and using generative AI tools responsibly. Then, get a live demo of ChatGPT in action and get a glimpse into how you could use generative AI to streamline productivity at work and at home.

So we’re all on the same page:

  • There will be no hands-on component to this class. It’s more of a sit back, watch, and learn experience.
  • We'll save some time at the end for audience Q&A.
  • This free class is held in a Zoom webinar. Mic and camera access will be disabled, but we’ll interact using chat, Q&A, and reactions in Zoom.


  • Understand the basic overview of generative AI.
  • Answer questions like: What are LLMs? How do they work? Which should I use?
  • Learn best practices for writing effective prompts.
  • Identify bias in LLMs and the ethical principles to follow when using generative AI tools.
  • Experience a live demo to see how ChatGPT can be used to simplify your life at work (and at home).

About the Instructor

Tom Szekeres Photo

Director, re~grow | Lead Instructor, General Assembly

Tom Szekeres combines over 15 years of digital strategy experience with a practical, hands-on understanding of today’s most exciting tech. At re~grow, he partners with planet-positive brands, guiding them to leverage digital tools like Generative AI for meaningful impact. Tom's practical experience with LLMs runs deep—he’s been a power user of ChatGPT since its inception, leveraging its capabilities to augment tasks across e-commerce, social media advertising, finance, data analysis — even home automation workflows.

His hands-on approach to applied AI makes him an invaluable resource for professionals looking to understand and utilize Generative AI to transform their career and increase creativity and productivity. Through founding past ventures such as social media agency This Here and local delivery startup Subship, Tom has continually demonstrated his ability to adapt and apply cutting-edge technologies in meaningful ways.

In his workshops, Tom shares insights drawn from a varied career across multiple sectors, helping students not just to grasp the theory but to apply AI tools ethically and effectively. His teaching aims to equip learners with knowledge they can use to push towards the cutting edge of their fields. As a Fellow of the RSA and a proponent of conscious business practices, Tom’s commitment to generative AI is about responsible innovation that's geared for real-world application.

What His Students Say:

Tom made the content very digestible and kept us all engaged. He really helped to demystify AI/ML for me. -Student from July 2023

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