Front-End Web Performance Optimization

Past Locations for this Workshop

Front-End Web Performance Optimization

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Speed matters. As web developers, we are charged with building sites that load lightning-fast, respond to user input quickly, and render smoothly. In this in-depth workshop, performance engineer Noah Collins will guide you through the principles and tools needed to optimize your web applications, using an example project to demonstrate each step in the process.

The workshop will start with an overview of the browser rendering lifecycle, followed by a quick introduction to analysis and measurement techniques. We'll learn how to isolate, profile, and resolve a set of progressively more complex performance challenges using an example project. Then we'll dive into applying the same practices on mobile devices. The day will culminate with a discussion of the finer points of performance: knowing when to invest in optimization and when to take a step back to re-think architecture.

Sign up today if you're ready to measure, profile, and automate your way to faster website experiences.


  • Learn how to apply performance analysis methodologies to front-end development
  • Explore the tools you need to profile and identify performance bottlenecks
  • Work step-by-step through a list of front-end optimizations
  • Understand browser rendering lifecycle
  • Understand how to build a performance budget
  • Employ today's best practices while planning for future shifts
  • Learn to test your sites' performance on a range of devices, including phones and tablets

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Experience maintaining production sites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with terminals and git recommended.
  • Bring a laptop with Chrome Canary, Sublime Text, and Node.js installed.
  • Optional: bring your smartphone and charging cable.

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