FREE Workshop | JavaScript Basics

Tuesday, 3 October, 2023
9 11 am EDT

About This Workshop

With a solid foundation of HTML & CSS under your belt, it’s time to take it to the next level and learn one of today’s most in-demand coding languages, JavaScript.

In this free, 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn about the history and relevance of JavaScript, and get hands-on practice with basic syntax like logging, variables, and data structures. Then, take it up a notch and practice applying "dark mode" to your browser with the click of a button.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to take on a new challenge: Build an Interactive Website with JavaScript. Next week, you’ll add interactivity to the website you built with HTML & CSS in week 2. We’ll see you there.


You’ll leave this workshop knowing:

  • The history and context of JavaScript today
  • The benefits and limitations of JavaScript
  • Basic JavaScript syntax like logging, variables, data structures, and more
  • How to turn a browser to dark mode with the click of a button


  • This is an entry level workshop, so no prior JavaScript knowledge is necessary. It will be helpful to know basic HTML & CSS though.
  • If you plan to participate live, make sure you have a free Codepen account
  • A pre-built version of the original website will be provided before class.
  • A recording will be shared after the series so you can review the content anytime.
  • Your mic and camera will be off for the duration of the workshop.
  • Interact with your instructor and fellow classmates through the Chat and Q&A.

About the Instructor

Saad Iqbal Photo

Lead Instructor

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