FREE Workshop | Excel Analytics Basics

Thursday, 5 October, 2023
1 3 pm EDT

About This Workshop

With the right questions and a clean dataset in-hand, the time has finally come to find the answers to your questions with analysis in Excel.

This free, 2-hour workshop gives you hands-on practice with data analysis in Excel. You’ll practice applying some of the most commonly used Excel actions like Regular Tables, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, Charts, and Conditional Formatting to your dataset to extract the answers to your questions - and maybe prompt some new questions.

Make sure to join us next week where you’ll turn your findings from Excel into easily communicated visualizations when we Visualize Data in Tableau. We’ll see you there.


You’ll leave this workshop knowing:

  • When, why and how to use regular tables and VLOOKUP
  • How pivot tables work, and how to use them to quickly create dynamic aggregations, slices, and filter
  • Common Excel visualizations like bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and conditional formatting


  • This is an entry level workshop, so no prior knowledge is necessary.
  • You’ll need an Excel account if you are planning to follow-along live. If you don’t have one already, you can sign-up for a Free 1-Month Trial of Microsoft 365
  • If anything prevents you from following-along live, the recording will be shared after the series so you can review the content anytime.
  • Your mic and camera will be off for the duration of the workshop.
  • Interact with your instructor and fellow classmates through the Chat and Q&A.

About the Instructor

Candace Roberts Photo

Director of Business Intelligence, Vanco Payments

Candace P. Roberts is the Director of Business Intelligence Vanco Payments in Atlanta, GA. She has spent most of her career in data-related development services including data warehousing, business intelligence, data analysis, database modeling, and data architecture. She has worked in a variety of industries from wholesale/retail, public health, and financial services. Candace has a passion to share her knowledge with others in data analytics arena.

What her students say

Candace Roberts was an excellent instructor. Her enthusiasm was only exceeded by her knowledge of the curriculum. I highly recommend her and would love to take more classes from her. - Student from December 2019

  • Candace is the best instructor I have had for a very long time. Engaging, fun, organized, dedicated, approachable. Loved her!* -Student from August 2023

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