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Facebook Advertising Workshop | Toronto

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

With over 1 billion users globally, and a penetration rate of over 55% in Hong Kong, Facebook can be a very effective tool for generating and converting leads. More than 50% of all users log in and spend at least 15 minutes on Facebook every day. 68% of users say that a recommendation from a Facebook friend would make them buy a particular product.

This hands-on workshop will look beyond just creating and managing Facebook advertising campaigns. We will explore strategies for creating unique and engaging ads (there are 5 different types), maximizing ROI, and driving traffic from Facebook to blogs and websites. In addition, you'll learn how to integrate Facebook with your other marketing strategies like e-mail marketing, SEO, and blogs.


  • Beginner and Advanced tactics for creating and managing effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • How to maximize ROI of Facebook Ads
  • Tactics for learning more about your target audience and the audience of your competitors
  • Ways to effectively drive traffic from Facebook to Blogs & Websites
  • Integrating Facebook with other Marketing strategies

Prereqs & Preparation

Basic understanding of Facebook marketing

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