Facebook Advertising Bootcamp | Online

Seattle Campus

GA Seattle
1218 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle WA 98101

Facebook Advertising Bootcamp | Online | Seattle

Attend the next event on Saturday, 10 October.

Seattle Campus

GA Seattle
1218 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle WA 98101

About this workshop

To become a great Facebook Marketer, you have to truly master the nuances of the platform, and leverage industry vetted best practices. In this hands on Bootcamp, you'll discover how to go beyond just boosting posts by leveraging Custom Audiences and advanced Bidding Strategies. You’ll also learn how to properly measure and optimize your campaigns using both the Facebook pixel and other measurement platforms. In addition, you’ll learn how to achieve your business objectives by integrating Facebook with other Marketing channels including Email and Google AdWords.


  • Learn how to execute measurable and impactful Facebook campaigns which drive ROI and Awareness for your business.

  • Create engaging ads by discovering best practices for creative and copy.

  • Understand how to bidding works, and learn strategies for getting the most out of your budget.

  • Gain a full understanding of all targeting capabilities, including Custom and Lookalike Audiences.

  • Learn how to properly track your Sales Funnel, and leverage Retargeting campaigns to increase conversions.

  • Integrate Facebook with other Marketing strategies to create a Multi-channel Marketing solution.

  • Best practices for Reporting, and areas of Optimization


This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

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