Excel Fundamentals Workshop Series | Manchester

About this workshop series

Whether you are in business, management, or simply interested in getting more organized, this Excel bootcamp will cover the tools and functions you need to automate and enhance the way you analyze and restructure your data. Dive into formula writing, combining formulas, creating basic to intermediate charts, and, of course, leveraging the ultra-powerful PivotTable in Microsoft Excel.

This 6-hour Excel Course is the interactive and hands-on way to start learning to leverage your data. You will dive head first into Excel, skill up with exercises, and by the end of the day you'll know how to ask — and answer — the right questions of your data sets.

This workshop is for beginners. No prior knowledge or experience required.


  • Apply basic formula logic using absolute or relative references.
  • Quickly pull necessary information out of large data sets.
  • Execute advanced Excel functions, such as VLOOKUP and IF variants such as SUMIF and COUNTIF.
  • Combine formulas to clean, edit, or analyze data sets with greater efficiency, compiling accurate spreadsheets.
  • Build and modify PivotTables to quickly and effectively analyze large quantities of data.
  • Create visualizations to clearly communicate insights.

Prereqs & Preparation

Install Microsoft Excel before class.

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