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Ethics by Design Workshop Series: Ethics of Digital Marketing | Minneapolis

About this workshop

Marketing is a vital part of human communication. We build products that we believe will positively impact human lives and the world, and we want to share these products so they reach the people who need them the most. However, many of the popular platforms available to marketers have been designed in ways that can have serious repercussions for human rights.

Social media algorithms, for example, are engineered to increase engagement, but can also amplify polarisation. There's been an increasing demand for stronger policies & processes on social media to address discriminatory practises and to protect marginalised and vulnerable communities.

Are you confident your marketing practices aren't funding hate speech or fake news? Can you confidently say that your marketing promotes diversity and prioritises harm reduction?

This class will focus on the ways that marketers can negotiate this space in 2021. In this session, we’ll walk through:

  • An introduction to ethics of digital marketing including an introduction to digital privacy and surveillance, seduction and persuasion and democratic information environments.
  • An introduction to negotiating ethical conflict.
  • Building a roadmap for change internally in your company and externally to campaign for diversity in the digital marketing landscape.

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