Ethics by Design Workshop Series: Ethics of Algorithms & Artificial intelligence | Kansas City

About this workshop

Technology professionals have a profound role in today’s society. The products they design are changing the way we live and even changing what it means to be human. This has the potential to deliver a lot of benefit, but also requires ethical thinking to ensure that we create a society that works for everyone.

This workshop will focus on the ethics of algorithms, artificial intelligence, privacy and democracy and will include:

  • Introduction to ethics of artificial intelligence
  • Introduction to the ethics of data collection and algorithmic processes
  • Workshopping through different thought experiments and scenario planning
  • An understanding of how privacy and democracy is discussed in the context of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

What students have said about this class:

"Thought provoking workshop. At the intersection of tech and philosophy. Truly important conversations to be had, driven by some of the insights shared here. Wouldn’t want to coerce anyone to attend, but certainly a strong encouragement for anyone involved in tech wouldn’t hurt. Absolutely crucial that we all be aware of the power of AI and that we use it to craft the better world we want to live in. Thank you for offering this workshop."

***This is a standalone module in the Ethics by Design Series, which encourages you to think more deeply about the products we design and how they are changing our lives and what it means to be human. This class expands upon content in other workshops, but is also easily accessible to new attendees. Check out the upcoming dates for the rest of the classes in the series:

Ethics by Design Series: Overview & Human Rights

Ethics by Design Series: Democracy, Privacy & Technology.

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