Enterprise Innovation Workshop

Washington, D.C. Campus

509 7th Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington D.C. 20004

Enterprise Innovation Workshop | Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Campus

509 7th Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington D.C. 20004

About this workshop

Evangelize UX (User Experience) Within Your Organization.

We have all had fantastic ideas that never saw the light of day. Most organizations believe in the value of design, but prioritize deadlines over validated ideas. These are symptoms of unhealthy communication and collaboration. We will introduce you to practices and principles that will give you the confidence to lead that change within your organization.

In this intensive, all-day workshop you will learn from Digitalworks' experts who have been coaching companies to deliver better products and services for 10+ years. Learn how to diagnose the unique challenges your team or organization is facing and get to the root of the communication roadblocks. Get hands on experience with communications tools like storytelling to promote big ideas and get buy in. Use collaborative design techniques that help you create an environment that invites participation. Afterwards, you will have the ability to guide the creation of products and services that are financially viable, technically feasible, and that your customers love. Most of all, you will have the skills to be an innovation leader within your company.


  • A deeper understanding of your user, the problems they face, and possible solutions you can test
  • How to design workshops and communications tools that facilitate shared project vision
  • How to evangelize User Experience (UX) in your organization
  • The qualities of great leadership and strategies for leading your team and your organization
  • Approaches for communicating effectively with stakeholders across disciplines
  • How to use your UX skills to understand the needs and goals of each team member to improve collaboration
  • Techniques for selling the product vision with great storytelling

Prereqs & Preparation

This course is ideal for:

A diverse team of 4-7 employees who want to create buy-in and build credibility within their organizations. Product managers, developers, designers, marketers, executives, and technology experts. Anyone who is committed to a great user experience and wants to develop their leadership skills and communicate more effectively should join.

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