Emotional Agility in the Workplace

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Emotional Agility in the Workplace | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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We experience a range of emotions at work - anxiety, frustration, excitement, pride, jealousy, and many more. Sometimes these emotions may get the better of us and negatively impact subsequent situations and our relationships. When we learn to be more emotionally agile, we would be able to recognise our emotions and decide how we would like to respond, helping us adapt to challenges in our workplace.

With adaptability being in the top 5 highly sought after soft skills by companies today, now is the best time to work on these skills to shift from one emotional state to another as desired, and effectively manage our emotions.

Join us to be introduced to the art and science of working with emotions. Beyond the theory, you will learn research-based tools to help you better manage your emotions and cultivate more positive emotions effectively.

Please note: This event will not be recorded.

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