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Effectively Navigating Your Job Search Post Lay-Off | Online

About this event

So you got laid off. And while it can be one of the most shocking, devastating, scary events to experience for many of us, you are not alone. And in case you need reminding: you are still valuable and talented, and you WILL get another job.

We can personally speak to the aftermath of being laid off, fired, and quitting jobs that no longer served us with no plan for what came next. And each time, though we did not know it at the time, our careers were up-leveled in a positive way at these pivotal moments in time. And what really created space for great next steps, was being in community, naming + creating space for the emotions that were present, and hearing from others that there was a bright future ahead for us enormously increased our confidence as job seekers. Trust us when we say: you WILL get another job (and we’ll say it again together!).

Join WorkWell coaches, Whitney + Lucy for a workshop on how to effectively navigate a job search after losing your job. We will coach you on your mindset, your values + skills, and how to powerfully connect with your network to make your next best career move.

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