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Diversity in Design | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Advancements and innovations in design continue to transform everyday life. Unlike almost any other discipline, design has the power to permeate every product, moment, and solution in our lives.

However, there is one area in which design as a profession is lagging: diversity. The truth is, approximately 86% of professional designers are Caucasian. Yet race is only part of the picture. Diversity in design means diversity of experience, perspective, and creativity—otherwise known as diversity of thought—and these can be shaped by multiple factors including race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual identity, ability/disability and location, among others.

On Nov 4, General Assembly, CreativeMornings, and ChickTech will join forces to tackle this future of diversity in design head-on. So join us for some mingling, drinking, and a thoughtful, but light-hearted, discussion featuring some of Boston's best designers.

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