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Attend the next event on Saturday, 23 January.

About this workshop

Have you heard about digital marketing but don’t know how to get started? Are you running a digital marketing campaign, but want to learn how other marketers have used online marketing and advertising tools? Do you want to better reach your customers with a relevant message that truly resonates through online channels?

This bootcamp is a concise overview of digital marketing that will get your marketing efforts into shape. You'll learn new tactics and gain digital marketing skills to promote your business and connect with customers using your website and digital channels.

In addition to a survey of key digital marketing concepts, this digital marketing bootcamp covers how to build a digital marketing plan for your business campaign along with successfully acquiring that potential customer. You’ll learn how to execute this plan using many of the essential and cutting-edge digital advertising platforms, tools, metrics, and analytics systems that entrepreneurs and digital marketers implement to help launch their online business, gain brand awareness, maximize customer engagement, generate online and offline conversions, and acquire customers.


  • Marketing objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to use when approaching marketing campaigns
  • A digital marketing plan using case studies and actionable insights into best practices, and will give you an application to your business, client, or employer
  • The ability to articulate how the digital advertising space auction systems work— including background on advertising auctions, pricing models, “do’s & don’ts” and trends
  • An understanding of how search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) works, plus hands-on SEO keyword research and Google Ads training
  • An understanding of how social media advertising works, plus hands-on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter digital channel advertisement training and a demo of LinkedIn Ads
  • An understanding of the core functions and principles of digital marketing analytics, with an introduction to Google Analytics

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Laptop: Please be sure to have a laptop to use during the class exercises.
  • Ad platforms: If you already have a Google Ad, Facebook Ad Manager and/or LinkedIn Campaign Manager set up for your business, please be sure to bring your logins. If not, we will set you up during class.
  • Questions: This digital marketing bootcamp is tailored to meet the needs of each participant/marketer and their digital marketing strategy goal, so come ready with your burning digital marketing questions.

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