Digital Marketing 101: Best Practices for Today

Past Locations for this Workshop

Digital Marketing 101: Best Practices for Today | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

This 3-hour deep-dive will take a holistic look at digital marketing-- covering many of the essential (and cutting edge) digital advertising platforms, tools and analytics systems that entrepreneurs & digital marketers alike use to help launch & optimize their online businesses. We will also identify today's key terminology and areas that professionals of all levels, disciplines, and backgrounds are being asked to demonstrate a fluency in.


Students should walk away with an actionable understanding of the current digital landscape and how it can drive success and growth for their business.

  • Understand the core functions & principles of digital marketing analytics
  • Employ the same tools top companies use to activate & retain their customers
  • Explain how a referral works and tools you can use to simplify that process
  • Learn the basics of search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Understand how social media marketing works and how to develop social content that works
  • Understand how large-scale email deployment works, and when & how to send it

Prereqs & Preparation

Recommended but not required: Exposure to, or experience or education in traditional marketing principles, or related fields.

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