Designing Habits: How to Create Addictive Products and Experiences

Past Locations for this Class

Designing Habits: How to Create Addictive Products and Experiences | Dallas

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

25% of apps are opened only once, then abandoned. How do you get people to not only adopt your product, but also leave them with an itch that they keep coming back to scratch?

In this crash course, UX Designer Sam Roth and Product Strategist Patrick Dohan will uncover some of the most addictive products and what makes them so successful. They will walk you through proven psychological strategies and models that can easily be applied to your product or service to get users hooked.


  • Learn multiple models to test a concept or existing product’s potential for habitual use
  • Learn how to think and talk about habit psychology
  • Learn how to retain active users without investing in expensive marketing tactics

Prereqs & Preparation

Concepts discussed require no background knowledge in design or psychology.

If you’re currently working on a product, and want to examine it with the class, please reach out to the instructors prior to the class.

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