Designing Better Agile Development

Designing Better Agile Development | Dallas

About this workshop

How UX can help dev teams be more effective.

Agile and Scrum methodologies are proven to be effective in helping developers build products faster and more efficiently. However, to be truly agile you have to be building the right product with the right features for the right customers.

Through case studies and using worksheets you can implement in your own company right away, we will examine how lean UX can help dev teams be more agile and build better products. This workshop is aimed at developers and dev managers, as well as anyone in the tech industry looking to become more effective.


•Copy of presentation deck with all case studies
•Participate in an active agile planning exercise
•An evaluation of your current project flow
•An agile UX planning worksheet

Prereqs & Preparation

No pre-requisites. Recommend bringing a laptop and pen/paper.

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