Designing a Strategic Business Narrative for Your Brand | Orlando

About this workshop

Strategic narratives are a form of storytelling, and like all good stories, they need a compelling plot, characters, a climax, and a conclusion. A strategic narrative centres on leaders’ ability to articulate a clear and compelling vision and strategy for the future of the organisation. Rather than focusing on the company’s products or services through a series of bullet points and clip art in a PowerPoint deck, a powerful strategic narrative paints a picture of how a company’s past, present, and future fit together in a broader strategy context.

The workshop will walk the attendees through all steps required to design a strategic business narrative for your company using storytelling techniques from film and other narrative arts.


In this class you will learn:

  • Why storytelling is still one of the most important skills to master and how it can be applied to strategy and business
  • The biggest mistakes most startups and enterprises make when presenting their business
  • Basic storytelling techniques
  • A framework for aligning your team around a strategic narrative
  • How you can create a compelling pitch for your company and products
  • Ways you can present your brand's story to prospects, employees, talents, media and investors

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